Why WordPress.com is a Good Choice for Building Simple Websites


We recently received a great question from Frank Frazier regarding web design. Frank asked, “What’s the simplest way to set up a website?”

Building Sites in WordPress

Hosted vs. Self-Hosted

There are quite a few different options out there for you to use when you’re setting up your own blog or website. You can choose between a hosted versus a self-hosted website. Blogger.com is a good web publishing site by Google that many people choose because of its easy-to-use format and because it is a hosted service, meaning you don’t have to get an additional web hosting service.

WordPress.org is good self-hosted publishing service—meaning if you want to run the WordPress.org software, you’ll have to also get your own web hosting. There are advantages to having a self-hosted site. For example, you have more power to create the exact website that you want. WordPress.org offers many different plugins that you can use to fine-tune your site. The downside to this, however, is the time spent searching through all the plugins and keeping them regularly updated.

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Benefits of WordPress.com

Because self-hosting can generally be a bit too much for people to take on, a hosted site with WordPress.com is highly recommended for people who want simplicity and low cost. A basic account with WordPress.com is free, it’s a fast and efficient web publishing service, and offers users lots of features.

Because WordPress.com is a free service, you’ll want to consider at least one premium add-on. For example, one of the best and most important things you can do for your site is to have your own domain name (dot com’s cost: $9.98 and up per year). You can search for the perfect domain name for your site with one of the many name domain registrars out there (for example, namecheap.com). Another good add-on to consider is “Go Ad-Free” (cost: $29.97 per year), as it will keep your site looking neater and cleaner.

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