Domain Slamming Scam – Fake Domain Renewals


Lisa Ray Sway sent us a great email asking how to determine whether or not a domain renewal notice is genuine. Lisa uses the domain registrar However, she recently received a renewal notice from a different company. This is an example of the scam known as domain slamming.

Domain Slam Scam

What is Domain Slamming?

Domain slamming is a scam by which an internet service provider (ISP) or domain name registrar sends out a subscription renewal notice to people who are not current customers with the intention of getting these people to switch from their current ISP or domain name registrar. These notices are created to look like an actual bill, but in reality they are carefully designed advertisements.


Wikipedia on Intellectual Property Scams & Domain Slamming Beware Fake Domain Renewal Notices

Important Terms to Understand

It is very important to know your domain name, your web hosting company, and your domain registrar.

  • Your website’s domain name is its address on the internet.
  • Your web host is the company that operates the computers that serve up the web pages.
  • Your domain registrar is who you buy your domain name from. Sometimes, your web host and your domain registrar are the same company.

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How to Prevent Fake Domain Renewal

There are two very important things you can do to prevent fake domain renewal. First, make sure your records are kept up to date at all times. Domain Tools is a helpful service site that can alert you when your domain name is about to expire. If your domain expires, someone else can purchase the rights to it. Sometimes, you might be able to get your domain name back in a costly domain “auction.” If not, you’ll have to change all your email addresses, business cards, letterhead, etc. to reflect a new domain name for your site.

Secondly, you must know the name of your domain registrar. Being aware of this information can raise a red flag should you receive a renewal subscription from a different domain registrar and prevent you from falling victim to the domain slamming scam.

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