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Online EducationCreating and hosting online courses used to be very technical and expensive. But in recent years, a number of relatively affordable and easy to use online course platforms have entered the market.

While I (Kirk VandenBerghe) am a strong advocate of WordPress as a content management system, for many reasons I don’t like to use it for e-commerce, including online training courses. Thus, none of the following solutions are self-hosted WordPress plugins. Instead, the options listed below are all hosted by the companies who provide the service.

None of the offerings in my list below are expensive and complex “enterprise” (corporate) learning management systems (LMS’).

My personal favorite is New Kajabi, although it’s more costly than many of the other choices. When it comes to cost, I think in terms of value.

Before choosing an online training platform, I feel it’s essential to write out a detailed list of requirements. If you’re unfamiliar with available features, visiting each website and creating your own list of features can be useful. And some of the companies offer a free trial if you’d like to dive in (just remember to bring a towel).

As I continue to learn, I’ll update this post so it becomes an “evergreen” resource.

If you have any questions or comments, please enter them below.

Hosted Recorded Course Marketplaces

Your content and content other than yours



Hosted Recorded Course Platforms

Only your content

Academy of Mine


New Kajabi



Summit Evergreen







Hosted Live Content Platforms

I haven’t include any online meeting or webinar solutions in this list. The entries below are focused on online training and have added “live” (real time) support for their course delivery.



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  1. Ragini Michaels
    Ragini Michaels09-12-2017

    Just wanted to share that I think Thinkific is a great platform for online training. It is easy to work with which is something for me to say. It’s amazingly simple really and they host everything and take care of the payments and integration with MailChimp. Pretty cool.

    • Kirk VandenBerghe
      Kirk VandenBerghe09-12-2017

      Great to hear, thanks.

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