Web Design

Positive Projections Web DesignSince 1995, we’ve been building affordable and usable websites for small and medium-sized business, solopreneurs, and nonprofits.

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Website Remodeling

Positive Projections Website RemodelingWebsites can be likened to “virtual real estate.” While some tired old sites need only new paint and floor coverings, others need the sheetrock ripped off to install new wiring and plumbing.

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Web Hosting

Positive Projections Web HostingMost web hosting companies focus on growth, trying to grow as large as possible. Instead, our goal has always been to “stay under the radar” and host only our client’s and our own websites. This approach allows us to provide personal service, lock down security really well, and keep our web server running fast and reliably.

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Marketing Coaching

Positive Projections Marketing CoachingPositive Projections provides a full range of marketing services, including Social Media, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Blogging, Conversion Optimization, and much more. In addition to web design and website remodeling, we support our clients with a comprehensive offering of services, like Blogging, Graphic Design, Email Design, Social Media Management, Optimizing Content, and much more.

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