The 4-in-1 Program: Ongoing Training, Support, Technical Maintenance & Web Hosting

WordPress sites are comprised of many software components, including the WordPress core code, widgets, plugins, themes, and theme frameworks. Each needs to be maintained regularly. Since many software updates include security and bug fixes, not taking care of maintenance makes the site vulnerable to hackers and can cause it to stop functioning properly.

4 Apples in a RowA minority of our clients are technically oriented, and we’re happy to let them take over all of the regular maintenance responsibilities. But most of our clients prefer to have Positive Projections handle these technical tasks for them.

We created the following all-inclusive, month-to-month 4-in-1 Program to help our clients save money.

The Positive Projections 4-in-1 Program:

1Technical Maintenance: Update the WordPress core, widgets, plugins, themes, and theme frameworks as new releases become available. There is no time limit on this portion of the service. We prioritize all technical maintenance work and complete all tasks regardless of how much time is required.

2Support: One hour of email or prescheduled phone support from Kirk VandenBerghe (normally billed at $120 per hour) or other technical support staff. For most of our small business clients, this is all the support time they need. Just this one feature of our 4-in-1 Program will save you money and worth the entire cost of the subscription.

3Training: Access to our training screencasts, including ongoing updates as we improve and broaden the knowledge base. If a 4-in-1 Program subscriber requests training in a website area we haven’t yet covered, we’ll be happy to create a new module.

4Web Hosting: We offer two 4-in-1 Program Plans:

  1. With Web Hosting – $79 per Month: Includes our Positive Projections Silver Web Hosting Plan
  2. With No Web Hosting – $64 per Month: Client provides their own web hosting and receives a $15.00 discount

If you are ready to enroll now, click a plan below:

Cost $79 Per Month $64 Per Month
To subscribe, click the plan you want:  With Web Hosting No Web Hosting

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