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Have you decided now is the time to have your website created?

We’re Positive Projections and we’ve been creating websites since 1995. (That’s like a century in Internet time.)

We love helping individuals, companies, & nonprofits build their presence on the Internet.

We feel your new site should…

Stone Textured Spiral Nautilus1 Be attractive while fitting into your areas of endeavor. A jazz band’s ideal design look and feel will be quite different from that of a real estate agent or retail pet store.

2 Be created with a content management system (“CMS”). This way, once your site is developed you can add, change, and delete your own web content—both text and images—without having to pay a web person. We build all new websites and website remodels with WordPress, our favorite CMS.

3 Be affordable. Our designs start with existing WordPress “theme framework” code. This way, our clients don’t have to pay us to reinvent the wheel with each project. We then customize with logos, graphics, color schemes, and the client’s content. This design technique allows us to create unique sites that are built on very powerful code “under the hood.” We’re happy to determine your needs and provide a free project cost estimate, so please contact us.

4 Be social media enabled. We’ll make it easy for your visitors to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and many more services. And for the more technically-inclined people, your site will contain an “RSS Feed” to which they can subscribe to be alerted when you publish new material. We also make it easy to publish web video from services like YouTube.com and Vimeo.com. In addition, each site includes an integrated blog, which we see as the central hub for all social media marketing efforts.

5Be search engine friendly. We include a number of technical features that will help your web pages “rank” in the search engines. Whenever you publish new pages, WordPress will auto-notify the search engines, along with updating an “XML Sitemap” that provides them with a complete list of all pages on your site. And we’ll connect your site with Google and Bing Webmaster tools, and Google’s free analytics service so you’ll be able to view detailed web stats.

6 Be usable. We put a lot of thought into readability of text, click-ability of links, ease of site navigation, on-site search, organization of content, page load speed, web browser compatibility, and much more.

7Be secure. We use a propriety 59-step process to setup your new site, increase speed and reliability, and lock-down security. Positive Projections utilizes many “best practice processes” for quality control and we work hard to constantly improve all our services.

8Mobile Web Enabled. We bake in extra functionality so that your site will sense if it’s being accessed by smartphones like the iPhone or Android, or tablets like the iPad. These devices are served simpler pages that display quickly.

9Be supported. We’ve created a series of on-line “screencasts” help you learn how to use your new site. When you watch a screencast, you’ll see the trainer’s computer screen and hear their voice as they provide step-by-step assistance. Each web design package also included post-launch support for an agreed-upon period. Additional training and support is available to our clients for a reduced rate. We can also host your website and handle all of the periodic maintenance on security for you.


We’ll be happy to provide you with a price estimate for your new web design project. All projects are custom quoted, since there are many factors, including the number of pages and their complexity. After talking to you about your project, we will create a time and cost estimate.

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Testimonial from Daisy Lee
“Kirk with Positive Projections is the most incredibly efficient, focused, and on-time partner to have on my web hosting and programming team at Radiant Lotus LLC. It is truly a pleasure to have such a skilled and enthusiastic colleague working with me. His conscientiousness and commitment are unparalleled and I consider myself blessed by this partnership and friendship. I have only the highest regard for Kirk and know that anyone who has the opportunity to work with him will accelerate their business objectives through his coaching and care. Kirk was there for me 100%+.” —Daisy Lee, RadiantLotusQigong.com

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