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Back in 2002, after years of being unsatisfied with the various web hosting companies we tried, we started our own web hosting service. Our plan for Positive Projections Web Hosting was to:

  • Remain small and provide personalized service and support.
  • Host under less than 150 websites onto which a server that the big hosting companies would jam over 2,000. The result is increased performance and reliability.
  • Pay extra attention to security, both at the software and human levels. We know every business we host, which protects against unknowingly signing up spammers or hackers, and we also have advanced anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-hacker systems in place.
  • Utilize the powerful “LAMP” software platform, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.
  • Use high quality web server hardware and software, and house this technology in the world-class data center.

Most of our web design and website remodeling clients host their domains on our dedicated server. We offer two plans:

Positive Projections Web Hosting Plans
Feature Silver Gold
Cost $15.97 Per Month $19.97 Per Month
Web Site Space 10,000 MB (10 GB) 20,000 MB (20 GB)
Monthly Traffic Bandwidth 50,000 MB (50 GB) 100,000 MB (100 GB)
IP Address Type Shared Shared (Dedicated IP with SSL Certificate)
Email Accounts 50 100
FTP Accounts 50 100
Subdomains 50 100
MySQL Databases 50 100
To subscribe, click the plan you want:  Silver Gold

  • Both the Silver and Gold plans come with email accounts, email forwarding, email autoresponders, multiple layers of anti-spam protection, and web browser based email.
  • Most web sites we host only need the Silver plan.
  • If you’re a geek, we’ll be happy to provide technical details to your heart’s content.
  • If your needs exceed our Gold plan, please let us know and we’ll create a customized Platinum plan for you.
  • All clients are required to read our Web Hosting User Agreement. Signing up for web hosting indicates agreement with our stated policies and procedures.

How We Can Help?

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Testimonial from Carrie Johnson
“I really don’t think it’s possible to provide better service than Kirk of Positive Projections does. He’s extremely knowledgeable even about the very latest technologies, but at the same time is able to explain to non-technical folks in a way that is helpful and respectful. Kirk has answered questions and solved problems outside of business hours and is always prompt a courteous. If the answer to a problem is not immediately apparent he will delve deeper until an answer is found. He has been very patient and helpful when my clients (who should be contacting me, not him) have gotten in touch with him and gone out of his way to help even when the problem has nothing to do with the service he’s providing. He’s the opposite of finger pointing—if it will help his client Kirk will go into areas that are, technically, none of his or his business’ concern. Working with Kirk is one of the joys of my professional life. He’s a treasure in the sometimes impersonal work of high tech.” —Carrie Johnson, andarta.com

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