Website Remodeling

Does your website need a new coat of paint or some major reconstruction?

Virtual Real Estate

Your website is a valuable piece of virtual real estate.

Some sites need just a little TLC (“tender loving care”), while others are fixer-uppers and require a lot of work.
We like to begin the process with our Positive Projections Website Inspection.

Like Inspecting a Home, Only Virtual

Website RemodelingHome Inspectors run through a detailed checklist, assessing structural elements like construction of walls, ceilings, roof, and foundation. We can run your website through an equally comprehensive inspection.

For qualified clients who are interested in improving their sites, we provide inspections at no charge.

We Carefully Examine:
  • Attractiveness: The current look and feel of your site, including color scheme and graphics.
  • Usability: Items like navigation, readability of text, and on-site search.
  • Organization: Content structuring, including categorization into logical tiers.
  • Purpose: How to improve the intended results of your website to richly convey its content and message to visitors.
  • Clean Code: Adherence to web standards and code quality (or not) of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.
  • Speed: Web hosting speed factors like page load times.
  • SEO: Search marketing factors like Google PageRank, linking, and making sure your site doesn’t include SEO (“search engine optimization”) techniques that used to work but are now dangerous.
  • More: Many small details that really ad up (like termite infestation, lots of small things can ruin an entire website).

Process Checklist Diagram

Large or Small

We’ve remodeled small sites with under a dozen pages on up to a major 6,000+ page site reconstruction for a California television station.


We’ll review the findings of your Positive Projections Website Inspection in person if geography allows or online via web conferencing, also at no charge.

If you decide you would like us to remodel your website, the process is similar to creating a new site, with the added steps of cleaning up your existing context (text and images) and moving them to your newly-designed site.

We’re Experienced

We began building and remodeling websites in 1995, the early days of the web, both for our own network of sites and for our clients.
Since it’s important to not only work in one’s business, but on it, we’re constantly improving the many step-by-step processes we’ve developed over the years. We’re continually learning and improving all of our best practice processes.

For example, we use the popular content management system as the foundation for all sites we create. While we could use a common auto-setup process, instead we’ve honed a 59-step process that increases security (to keep hackers away) and makes the sites we build run faster and more reliably.


We’ll be happy to provide you with a price estimate for your new website remodeling project. All projects are custom quoted, since there are many factors, including the number of pages and their complexity. After talking to you about your project, we will create a time and cost estimate.

We’re Happy to Help

Whether your website just needs new paint, tile, and carpeting—or requires major upgrades in foundation, wiring, and plumbing—you’re welcome to request a Positive Projections Website Inspection by clicking > Contact Us

Testimonial from David Boulton
“Kirk with Positive Projections is a rare combination of meticulous and rigorous analyst and out-of-the-box creative thinker. These qualities and his many skill sets combine to make Kirk someone who can provide excellent business consulting services and/or design and deliver extraordinary web solutions. Kirk has played a large and significant role in the development of my work and my websites. I’ve worked with him for years and there is no one I trust more to deliver on his promises. I highly recommend him.” —David Boulton,

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